Faculty Advisors

Dr. Karen Lancendorfer,  Greg Gerfen


Vice President:

Brand Ambassadors:

Guest Speaker Coordinator:

Social Media Coordinator:

Funding Coordinator and WSA Senator:

Website Managers:

Special Events Coordinators:

Mentorship Coordinators:

Advertising Coordinator:

Resume Book Coordinator:

Membership and Finance Coordinators:

 Caitlin Allen

Alexis Morris

Alexis Morris and Molly Farrell

Abby Macchiarolo

Cassidy McDowell

Allison Smith

Amy Norton and Maggie Neuman

Emily Cairns and Caitlin Allen

Amy Norton and Sarah Whitton

Katherine Caldwell

Emily Cairns

Caitlin Allen and Sarah Whitton


Caitlin Allen

Email: caitlin.m.allen@wmich.edu

Allison Smith.JPG

Allison Smith

Email: allison.p.smith@wmich.edu

Alexis Morris.png

Alexis Morris

Email: alexis.m.morris@wmich.edu

Abby Macchiarolo.jpg

Abby Macchiarolo

Email: abby.l.macchiarolo@wmich.edu


Molly Farrell

Email: molly.c.farrell@wmich.edu

Amy Norton .JPG

Amy Norton

Email: amy.e.norton@wmich.edu

Katherine Caldwell.png

Katherine Caldwell

Email: katherine.s.caldwell@wmich.edu


Emily Cairns

Email: emily.k.cairns@wmich.edu

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Sarah Whitton

Email: sarah.a.whitton@wmich.edu

Cassidy McDowell Headshot.jpg

Cassidy McDowell

Email: cassidy.r.mcdowell@wmich.edu

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Maggie Neuman

Email: maggie.l.neuman@wmich.edu